Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week Four: Broccoli

Fresh broccoli is so good and Matt gives us so much of it. Because I hate to waste even one floret, I tend make a lot of cream of broccoli soup and freeze it. This is an especially good idea for the fall broccoli harvest, but it still works in the summer and makes for a quick meal. I improvise the recipe based on what I have in the fridge, but I'll try and cobble one together and post it here soon. Leave a comment and let other members know how you're cooking your broccoli.

Also, if there are any tech-savvy CSA members reading this blog and know how to use HTML to close the space between the FULL SHARE and the HALF SHARE, I welcome your advice.

Salad mix½ lb.
Arugula OR tatsoi½ lb.
Broccoli4 lbs.
Swiss chard1 large bunch
PYO Peas4 boxes
Head lettuce4 heads
Radishes1 large bunch
Red Russian kale1 bunch
Collards1 bunch
Beets1 large bunch

Salad mix1/4 lb.
Arugula OR tatsoi1/4 lb.
Broccoli2 lbs.
Swiss chard1 small bunch
PYO Peas2 boxes
Head lettuce2 heads
Radishes1 small bunch
Beets1 small bunch
Red Russian kaleChoose either kale or collards
CollardsChoose either kale or collards

1 comment:

Lance said...

I'm only moderately tech-savvy, but I'm pretty sure you don't need all the br tags between the different table cells, and between the tables. You might try removing those to close up the space. Thanks for posting all our info!