Monday, June 18, 2007

Week Three: Turnips!

Matt just called with the weekly Veggie Report. Remember, Matt and the crew harvest the morning of pick-up, so this list may change slightly. This is his best guess for this week's pick-up:

Salad mix
Head lettuce
Swiss chard
Pick your own: peas, flowers, herbs

I love turnips and this is how I like to prepare them: Start a pot of water to boil. Coarsely chop half an onion and saute it in butter until soft. Meanwhile, place the turnips in the boiling water until you can slide a fork through them. You don't want them to be mushy, though. Slice the turnips and add them to the onions. After a few minutes, add some chopped turnip greens, salt and pepper.

These turnips are so good I took a picture of them last summer.

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Anonymous said...

I never ate a turnip before, but thanks to Cherry Grove Organic Farm, my vegetable palate has expanded. The turnips and beets were both delicious. I roasted in the oven the same time I roasted a fresh chicken. The turnips and beets were delicious hot and also served cold the next day.
The salad greens are the most delicious I have ever had.
-BB in Lawrenceville, NJ